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Homework 2

Start Gazebo with a different environment

First start Gazebo again, like in the other tutorials.

roslaunch cob_experimentation_days experimentation_days_sim.launch

After you can see the simulated Care-O-bot you can insert some additional objects (instead of the milk)

roslaunch cob_gazebo_worlds table_ikea.launch
roslaunch cob_gazebo_worlds jodsalz.launch

Modify the script and grasp a different object

Your task is to get the Care-O-bot grasping the "jodsalz" object which is placed on a table. To fullfill the task you have to change the script file and select "jodsalz" instead of "milk".

roscd cob_experimentation_days
gedit scripts/experimentation_days.py

Additionally you will have to change the navigation goal for the robot to not move to the kitchen shelf, but to the table. Therefore edit

roscd cob_experimentation_days
gedit config/ipa-kitchen/navigation_goals.yaml

Be carefull that the object is within the workspace of the arm.

Hint: All files you have to change are in the ROS package cob_experimentation_days.

Send your result

Please create again a video of your solution and send the link together with the modified files to cob-users@care-o-bot.org.

2021-01-02 12:34