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Only released in EOL distros:  

cob_driver: cob_base_drive_chain | cob_camera_sensors | cob_canopen_motor | cob_generic_can | cob_head_axis | cob_hokuyo | cob_hwboard | cob_light | cob_phidgets | cob_relayboard | cob_sick_lms1xx | cob_sick_s300 | cob_sound | cob_undercarriage_ctrl | cob_utilities | cob_voltage_control

Package Summary

This Package is simply a Care-O-bot specific setup for the hokuyo scanner.

  • Maintainer status: developed
  • Maintainer: Florian Weisshardt <fmw AT ipa.fhg DOT de>
  • Author: Florian Weisshardt
  • License: LGPL
  • Source: git https://github.com/ipa320/cob_driver.git (branch: hydro_release_candidate)

Hardware Requirements

This package configures the hokuyo_node to use a hokuyo scanner for Care-O-bot.


This package doesn't have a own ROS API, it just configures the hokuyo_node.


For starting the hokuyo node use

roslaunch cob_bringup hokuyo.launch

For including the torso in your overall launch file use

<include file="$(find cob_bringup)/components/hokuyo.launch" />

2024-02-24 12:29