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These tutorials require packages that are not open to the public.


Installation instructions for IPA navigation

This installation instruction will only work for Care-O-bots following the setup structure described in https://github.com/ipa320/setup/raw/master/manual/Care-O-bot_manual.pdf on Ubuntu 10.04 32/64bit.

Save old Configuration

Please be sure to make a backup of all *.ini-files in


Download and extract tarball

Extract the tarball into the following directory which should be in your ROS_PACKAGE_PATH: /u/robot/git/care-o-bot

cd /u/robot/git/care-o-bot
wget http://www.care-o-bot-research.org/datasets/ipa-navigation/cob_navigation_intern-electric-lucid64.tar.gz
tar -xvf cob_navigation_intern-electric-lucid64.tar

Compare backup'ed *ini-files with new ones

Compare the ini-files from your backup with the ones that are now located in

cob_navigation_intern/cob_navigation_intern_config/config/$(env ROBOT)

If there are no differences, fine.

If there are differences, replace those files with the ones from your backup and send the backup'ed files to IPA as well.

Start navigation

Startup the IPA navigation using the launch files in cob_navigation_global

roslaunch cob_navigation_global 2dnav_ipa_extloc.launch

Test navigation

You can command something to the navigation as usual, either through sending a move_base action, through the simple_script_server or through rviz.

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