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Note: This tutorial assumes that you have completed the previous tutorials: cob_tutorials/Tutorials/Startup simulation, cob_tutorials/Tutorials/Navigation (local).
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Using global navigation (navigation with a predefined map)

Description: This tutorial shows you how to create a map and use it for moving the mobile base avoiding collisions and specifying navigation goals in the map frame.

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

Next Tutorial: cob_tutorials/Tutorials/Task coordination (explore)


Startup simulation with robot.

We will need a predefined map. You can get the map

Make sure you copy both map.pgm and map.yaml to your current directory.

Start cob_navigation_global navigation

roslaunch cob_navigation_global 2dnav_ros_dwa.launch robot:=cob4-3 map:=$(pwd)/map.yaml

if you couldn't create your own map, use a predefined one with

roslaunch cob_navigation_global 2dnav_ros_dwa.launch robot:=cob4-2 robot_env:=ipa-apartment

Start rviz visualisation

roslaunch cob_navigation_global rviz.launch


Localise the robot with giving it an estimated starting pose using the "2D Pose Estimate" button.

Use the "2D Nav Goal" button in rviz to specify a navigation goal and watch the robot moving while avoiding obstacles. Try to

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