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This stack is an extension of the popular move_base navigation stack enhancing a robotic platform to recover its expected performance after a fault happened, as collisions.

This navigation stack extension provides interfaces for handling faults over a navigation task, like collisions or faulty sensors. By default we provide some plugins for collision detection. However, new approaches for fault detection are highly encouraged.

Important Information

Note: This package is the result for a master thesis project. Additional information, write a mail to jocamaba1989@gmail.com

Components List

  1. Collisions Detector and Diagnoser.
    1. Simple Sensor Fusion Detector.
    2. Simple Sensor Fusion Detector and Diagnoser.
    3. Sensor Fusion Method Detector and Diagnoser.
  2. Collisions Recovery Behavior.
    1. Mislocalization.
    2. Major Collision.
    3. Minor Collision.
    4. Unknown Collision.

Collision Detection Sources

Launching Nodes

fault_tolerant_move_base (complete implementation)

  1. roslaunch collisions_launch 2dnav.launch
  2. rosrun <<sensor_source_package>> <<fusion_node>>

collision detection and diagnosis (without recovery)

  1. roslaunch <<move_base_navigation_stack>>

  2. rosrun collision_detector_diagnoser collision_detector_diagnoser_node

Package Configuration


* fault_detector: collision_detector_diagnoser/CollisionDetectorDiagnoser

* sensor_fusion:


Main Dependencies

Related repositories available on:

https://github.com/jcmayoral/collision_stuff https://github.com/jcmayoral/collision_detector_observers https://github.com/jcmayoral/vision_collision_detector https://github.com/jcmayoral/collision_detector_functions https://github.com/jcmayoral/VisionUtils

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