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cop Troubleshooting



cop stops on start up with the following warning: Waiting for Jlo to startup at /located_object

The service jlo managing relative locations is not startet

A plugin can no be loaded.

build the package containing the plugin

A frame is missing, Namequery fails

Probably no robot state publisher is running. Either you start one or you provide a fake location.

All queries to cop do not terminate.

Check if the cameras are switched on, and could be loaded without error. cop most probably waits for images to arrive.

The objects are displayed at the wrong positions in rviz.

Check your configuration, if you are using the right frames everywhere.

cop always answers with "No objects found".

Check if the images from the cameras are to dark or too bright, check if the model is working and the algorithms terminates without error.

2020-09-19 12:38