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Package proposal for cv_mech_turk2.


The package cv_mech_turk2 is a replacement for cv_mech_turk. It contains vision-related task semantics for Mechanical Turk annotation server. The core task for the package is to annotate images with bounding boxes and outlines of objects. The package provides command line tools and task interpretation API. The ROS-specific API will be in mech_turk_ros .


Command line tools

The package provides command-line tools to send images for annotation, download images and annotation results from the server, convert polygonal annotations to segmentation masks. Additional pipeline tools allow to submit results of bounding box annotation to grouping and attribute generation tasks.

The package contains the following command line tools:

Results interpretation API

The package contains helper classes for interpretation of the results and conversion between data formats.


The package tests all command line tools against a predefined test server. The tests require a "test" server to be specified in the "auth.txt" file.

2020-09-19 12:39