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CWRU ROS Overview

The CWRU ROS package contains code, launch files, and maps developed at Case Western Reserve University by the Mobile Robotics Group.

Supported hardware

While some code developed at CWRU is general-purpose, most of it was developed for HARLIE-class robots derived from Invacare Storm Series wheelchair bases with custom control electronics based on the National Instruments cRIO platform.


Installation instructions can be found on the installation page.

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Package Summary

CWRU Experimental

The CWRU Experimental stack contains experimental packages for the JAUS protocol, obstacle planning, vision, voice, and two different steering algorithms. This code is considered incomplete, untested, or otherwise not ready to be declared "semi stable."

CWRU Semi Stable

The CWRU Semi Stable stack contains the core packages for the HARLIE-class mobile base, as well as a driver for the laser ranging sensor in the Neato xv-11 robotic vaccuum.

CWRU Utilities

CWRU Utilities is a standalone package containing a few useful utilities for testing, calibrating, and characterizing our robots.


The CWRU ABBY stack contains packages developed for ABBY, a mobile industrial manipulator based on a HARLIE-class mobile robot base and a ABB IRB-120 industrial robotic arm.

CWRU Tour Guide

The CWRU Tour Guide stack contains packages for Roberto, a robotic tour guide.

Smart Wheelchair

The Smart Wheelchair stack contains packages for OTTO, a robotic smart wheelchair.


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