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Note: This tutorial assumes that you have completed the previous tutorials: Running the Hand and Arm Interface.
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Controlling the Shadow Hand with a Cyberglove

Description: In this tutorial you'll learn how to easily control a Shadow Dexterous Hand using the Cyberglove.

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER


As stated in the Cyberglove node description, the Cyberglove node is a generic node which publishes calibrated and raw data read from the glove. To control the Shadow Dexterous Hand we need to redirect this data as a target input. However it is not as simple as it seems: the Cyberglove and the Shadow Hand don't have the same DOF. We wrote the Remapper node to take care of this remapping for you.

Controlling the Shadow Hand with the Cyberglove

First start the Cyberglove: make sure it is correctly plugged in and that the led on the wrist is turned on. You can now start the cyberglove node:

$ roslaunch cyberglove cyberglove.launch

You also need to start the remapper, which will remap the glove calibrated position to the Hand targets:

$ roslaunch sr_remappers remapper_glove.launch

You need to start the Hand interface as well, for more details you can check the sr_hand documentation. The standard command to start it is:

$ roslaunch sr_hand srh_motor.launch

You're now controlling the Shadow Hand with the Cyberglove! You can have a look at the calibration procedure.

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