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hg clone https://cyphy.qut@code.google.com/p/cyphy-people-mapping/



Get the latest unstable version of OpenNI

The people tracker relies on a more current version of the OpenNI stack than is currently bundled with ROS.

You need to install it separately. This is the procedure:

1. Unplug your kinect

2. Check that you have the required libraries, and that they're up-to-date.

sudo apt-get install libusb-1.0-0-dev freeglut3-dev g++

3. Create a folder for holding the download and the installation

cd ~
mkdir kinect

4. Download the OpenNI , NITE and AVIN2 unstable versions

From this page http://www.openni.org/Downloads/OpenNIModules.aspx, you need 2 files: Select OpenNI Binaries --> Unstable --> OpenNI Unstable build for Release X --> Download (Gets a file called openni-bin-dev-...) Select OpenNI Compliant Middleware Binaries --> Unstable --> PrimeSense NITE Unstable Build for Release X (Gets a file called nite-bin-...)

Click here to download the last version of the avin2 driver for the kinect. https://github.com/avin2/SensorKinect/zipball/unstable (Gets a file called avin2-SensorKinect ...)

Extract the files and rename the folders to openni, nite and sensorkin respectively.

5. Install OpenNI

cd ~/kinect/openni
chmod a+x install.sh
sudo ./install.sh

6. Install AVIN2

cd ~/kinect/sensorkin/Platform/Linux/CreateRedist/
chmod a+x RedistMaker
sudo ./RedistMaker
cd ../Redist/Sensor-Bin-Linux-x64-v5.1.0.25

NB the file Sensor-Bin-Linux-x64-v5.1.0.25 will be named differently depending on your release/platform. Continuing ...

sudo chmod a+x install.sh
sudo ./install.sh

7. Install NITE

cd ~/kinect/nite/
chmod a+x install.sh
sudo ./install.sh

8. Test it. Try running some of the examples in the openni/Samples folder. eg

cd ~/kinect/openni/Samples/Bin/x64-Release/


Liz Murphy and Peter Corke, STALKERBOT: Learning to Navigate Dynamic Human Environments by Following People, In Proceedings of the Australasian Conference on Robotics and Automation (ACRA) (To Appear), Wellington, NZ, December 2012 pdfBibTex

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NOTE: This package relies on the unstable version of the OpenNI toolkit. For details on how to install it see the ROS Answers post here.

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