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The database interface provides an easy way to access SQL databases from C++ code. In particular, it allows the user to focus on the conceptual "objects" stored in the database, rather than the database itself. A C++ class definition is wrapped around an entry in a database table, and a row of the table corresponds to an instance of the C++ class. For most common functionality, the user never writes explicit SQL queries.

Using the Interface

If you are not familiar with the database interface, it is recommended you go through the following tutorials before proceeding:

Reference Guide

The most stable and commonly used interface methods are covered in the above tutorials. For a complete reference to the interface functions, look at the Code API for the PostgresqlDatabaseInterface class.

Supported SQL databases

The current release provides an interface with PostgreSQL database. However, most of the code is in place to support sqlite database as well. This feature will probably be added in a future release

Advanced Usage

If you are an advanced user requiring complex SQL capabilities, are wondering why this interface has weird feature X instead of useful feature Y, or are interested in contributing to this interface, please see the Code API. Most of the code is extensively documented, and discusses our design choices, shortcomings, possible alternatives, etc.

Please note that this interface is still in a developmental stage. We are hoping to add more feature to future releases, and your feedback will be highly valuable.

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