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Only released in EOL distros:  

Package Summary

ROS driver for EPOS controller

  • Maintainer status: developed
  • Maintainer: Tomasz Kucner <tomasz.kucner AT oru DOT se>
  • Author: Tomasz Kucner <tomasz.kucner AT oru DOT se>, Martin Magnusson <Martin.Magnusson AT oru DOT se>, Hakan Almqvist <Hakan.Almqvist AT oru DOT se>, Marcus Hauser <Hauser AT ARI.Uni-Heidelberg DOT de>
  • License: GPL
  • Source: git https://github.com/tkucner/epos_driver-released.git (branch: upstream)

This package provides simple interface to control maxon motors via EPOS controler.


Package includes C library (libEPOS) to control the EPOS motor control from maxon motor (www.maxonmotor.com) using a GNU/Linux system and ROS wrapper.


This package provides one node - epos_driver_node.


communicates with EPOS driver

Published Topics

/tf (tf/tfMessage) /EPOSState (epos_driver/EPOSState)


/MoveTo (epos_driver/MoveTo) /MoveCycle (epos_driver/MoveCycle)

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