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RPath Constraint

Todo : notes about the rpath here.


Methods you can use to synchronise your build pc with your embedded board.


Unison helps to synchronise local/remote trees with global filtering rules. This is great for setting up rough binary installations of entire ros trees with minimal work. This is probably the most convenient method, but alot of embedded boards won't have a unison server, so you'll have to fallback to an rsync/tarball'ing option in those cases.



Install Step (use w/ Partial Cross)

Using eros' Install/Uninstall Targets sets package by package install/uninstall targets. This gives you explicit control over what each package will install and is obviously more work. Note also that the ros core stacks do not have install targets, so this is much better when working in a Partial Cross and you want a regular ./configure, make, make install kind of install.

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