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This package has code for two nodelets, Publisher and Subscriber which communicate on a common topic "/big_object" to which a very large timestamped array is published (BigObject).

The nodelets are packaged in a library, and two launch configurations are setup for testing latencies across the big_object communication channel.



The launcher internal.launch loads both publisher and subscriber nodelets on the same manager (i.e. they coexist in the same process). In this situation, the transport communication medium passes the BigObject via pointers, so we can expect to see very low latencies being generated by this.

roslaunch eros_nodelet_latency internal.launch

Upon execution, you should see the average latency continually being communicated to standard output. Ctrl-c to terminate the application.


The launcher external.launch launches both publisher and subscriber as standalone processes. In this situation, the BigObject is copied across TCP/IP (some 4MB!), so expect very high latencies here.

roslaunch eros_nodelet_latency external.launch

2020-09-12 12:37