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Skype meeting on Sep 28, 2011


Agenda Items

  1. Description of the idea behind the proposed SIG
  2. Clarify differences and combination possibilities with RVIZ
  3. Short introduction and main interest of every member
    • Who will contribute in which fashion?
  4. Next steps
    • Agree on coordinator
    • Define goals and a rough timetable for milestones
    • Subgroups for specific parts
    • Next meeting

The concept (see also [1] and [2])


Relation to rviz

Relation to rind

Main focus and contribution of the members

Next steps


[1] Slides illustrating the concept of the plugin hierarchy: sig-rosgui.pdf

[2] Some example plugins: rosgui_example_implementation.pdf

[3] GUI Example from Uni Koblenz: This shows a robot GUI realized with Qt mentioned during the conference call, which uses tabs to switch between separate screen configurations. The concept proved very useful in practice, especially when screen space is limited. RX-GUI_main.png RX-GUI_map.png

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