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Errors when running hokuyo_node

Error: No such device

Also dmesg might show the error :

And there are repeated dmesg messages

Solution The USB cable connecting the computer is too long or has bad signal quality. Use a better cable. Also, you may need to reboot the machine (or unload and reload the cdc_acm kernel module) because all the ttyACM device node have been used.

Error: Failed to open port


Error: Failed to open port. Permission denied.


Error: Device /dev/ttyACM0 is already locked


Warning: Frequency Too Low


Scans appear disjointed


Error: Checksum failed on status code

The hokuyo_node only supports SCIP 2.x, not SCIP 1.x. Some older URG-04LX models only support SCIP 1.x.

[ERROR] 1277434561.027264000: Exception thrown while opening Hokuyo.
Checksum failed on status code. (in hokuyo::laser::sendCmd) You may find further details at http://wiki/hokuyo_node/Troubleshooting



Error: Locale name not valid

Check the locale settings on your device:

If you do not get

this is what is creating the error.

Test to confirm


then run hokuyo_node and see if the message clears.


If the error clears you need to set Locale on your system.

First, check for installed locales

If the language you prefer is listed skip the next step. If the language you prefer is not listed you must add it to the locale options (Example shows how to add English-US)

Update the locale settings to use this language:

Reboot to activate new locale settings:

Log back in and run $ locale again to confirm the change has been applied.

Error Codes

The hokuyo sometimes returns error codes. They can be found in the "Driver Status" diagnostics. These error codes are not documented. They are displayed as [0->xx], where xx is the number of the error. Known codes are listed below:


There is interference from another IR source (often another Hokuyo). Unplugging and replugging the power seems to fix the problem.


Unknown (but we have observed it). Unplugging and replugging the power seems to fix the problem.


The Hokuyo is recovering from an error. At least in some cases this error goes away on its own.

[0->75] Code

The [0->75] error code requires a reset of the Hokuyo scanner. This can be accomplished in two ways:

To run the reset command, you will need the files reset.cmd and upgrade, which are attached to this wiki. Move the files onto the computer that is attached to the Hokuyo.

Before running this command, shut down the hokuyo_node. Run:

./upgrade /dev/ttyACM0 reset.cmd

Replace /dev/ttyACM0 with the port the scanner is running on.

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