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ROS for Human-Robot Interaction

As of Mar 2022, this documentation page is in very early stage!

We are actively working on expanding the documentation (including Tutorials) ahead of the formal 'launch' of the framework, Fall 2022. For now, the documentation is very sparse.

ROS for Human-Robot Interaction (or ROS4HRI) is an umbrella for all the ROS packages, conventions and tools that help developing interactive robots with ROS.


ROS4HRI conventions

The ROS REP-155 defines a set of topics, naming conventions, frames that are important for HRI application.

The REP-155 is currently (2022-03-06) under public discussion here: github.com/ros-infrastructure.

Common ROS packages

Specialized ROS packages

Feel free to add your own packages to this list, as long as they implement the REP-155.

Face detection, recognition, analysis

Body tracking, gesture recognition

Voice processing, speech, dialogue understanding

Whole person analysis

Group interactions, gaze behaviour


  1. Getting Started with ROS4HRI

    Covers the basic concepts of ROS4HRI, and build a simple human perception pipeline, with face and body detection

2022-07-02 12:37