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API review

Proposer: Sachin Chitta

Present at review:

Question / concerns / comments

# A service call to carry out an inverse kinematics computation 
# while checking collisions. 

# The inverse kinematics request
kinematics_msgs/IKRequest data

# The state of the robot - use this to specify positions for the rest of the joints on the robot
motion_planning_msgs/RobotState robot_state

# A set of ordered collision operations to determine the resultant collision matrix to use
motion_planning_msgs/OrderedCollisionOperations ordered_collision_operations

# Maximum allowed time for IK calculation
float64 timeout


# The returned solution 
# (in the same order as the list of joints specified in the IKRequest message)
float64[] solution


Random thoughts - my apologies if they are confused or mis-informed:

In general, it seems these are basically service requests for a pretty specialized code base = one service call for one algorithm? I'm a little worried that for general solvers, there may be other parameters (cost functions, tolerances, etc). So is it worth making this a package by itself, or just keep the service definitions with the code? And then, when we have multiple solvers and service calls we can see where the commonality lies?



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2022-11-26 12:45