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Only released in EOL distros:  

maggie_devices: maggie_base | maggie_eyelids | maggie_ir_controller | maggie_labjack | maggie_motor_controller | maggie_rfid

Package Summary

ir_controller node


This package provides basic functionality for controlling a device compatible with an IR controller embeded in a robot.

The TVLabo file contains all possible commands to use with a TV. To generate new commands for another TV consult the Users Manual.

Devices Supported

This device supports all the drivers implemented in the maggie_ir_drivers package.

ROS Nodes


ROS node for controlling the the IR controller for a TV.

Published Topics

tv_action (maggie_ir_controller_msgs/GetTvAction)

Services Called

send_command (maggie_ir_controller_msgs/SetTvAction)

Launch File Examples

In a terminal window, start an ir_controller node process running:

 $ roslaunch maggie_ir_controller ir_controller.launch robot:=maggie


An example of sending a command for turning on the TV could be:

  1. Launch the node.
  2. Send the command:

 $ rosservice call /maggie/send_command maggie_ir_controller_msgs/SetTvAction "on"

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