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No troubleshooting tips have been added for this package/stack.

Rosbag Does not Compile

This usually happens in one of two cases. The first being

rosprotect --pre-clean --minimal

The --minimal flag doesn't cater for mingw yet (mingw is a fair way off compiling all its dependencies) and isn't necessary for most mingw setups. Use --comms instead and run rosmake xxx around that.

Alternatively, this will also occur if you have one of the following in your manifest.xml or somewhere in the dependency chain.

<depend package="geometry_msg"/> OR
<depend package="sensor_msg"/> OR
<depend package="nav_msg"/>

There maybe others that have the same problem as they have a dependency on rosbagmigration (and subsequently rosbag). To work around this for now, simply comment out the dependency in the respective manifest.xml files. It's not a compile time dependency and doesn't have any ill effects that I am aware of.

Ideally, you should be able to build mingw programs using all the ros core comms libraries, actionlib and all the msg packages, which is sufficient for most monitoring/debugging and simple higher level programs.

2022-06-11 12:49