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The motion_planners stack includes 3 different motion planners developed at Willow Garage or developed by our collaborators. This set of planners has been used extensively on the PR2 robot for motion planning for the PR2 arms. We (along with our collaborators) are actively involved in improving these planners and intend to further develop and release new features in the future.

The 3 motion planners currently in the stack are:


To see examples of how to use the motion planners, check out the arm navigation tutorials.

API Stability

The ROS and C++ APIs for the planners themselves are mostly unreviewed and unstable. However, the interface to the motion planners using the GetMotionPlan message (or other messages from the motion_planning_msgs has been through review. While the interface is still classified as UNSTABLE, we will make every attempt to not change the interface substantially.

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