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From command line run:

rosrun muse_bldc_motor_drive muse_bldc_motor_drive

Now muse node publishes a list with Muse Drives that are visible on the network and is ready to listen to your commands.

Node runs in default frequencies: 1KHz for both feedback and control/state machine commands.

If you want to set another value for these frequencies, you can run:

rosrun muse_bldc_motor_drive muse_bldc_motor_drive <feedback_frequency(Hz)> <control_frequency(Hz)>

Note: There is no point in setting higher value for feedback frequency. However, you can decrease it, if you do not need it to be so high, or your network cannot handle such a high frequency.

Now you can create your own node, that publishes commands to muse node and subscribes to desirable topics.



Published Topics

muse/module_discovery (muse_bldc_motor_drive/module_list.msg)

<feedback_topic_name> (muse_bldc_motor_drive/feedback.msg)

Subscribed Topics

muse/communication (muse_bldc_motor_drive/communication_cmd.msg)

<control_commands_topic_name> (muse_bldc_motor_drive/control_cmd.msg)

<state_machine_commands_topic_name> (muse_bldc_motor_drive/state_machine_cmd.msg)


control frequency(float64, default: 1000.0)

feedback frequency(float64, default: 1000.0)

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