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Official ROS driver for the Nimbus 3D time-of-flight camera.

This package is still in development and the API might change in the future. Please report any bugs or feature requests on GitHub.


Nimbus 3D (Nimbus 3D is a ToF camera in the Raspberry Pi form factor.)

Time-of-flight measuring principle


Technical data

The nimbus_3d_driver is the official ROS driver for the Nimbus 3D which provides ROS parameters (configuration) and ROS topics (sensor data: Images and Point Cloud).

Fruthermore here is the official documentation for the Nimbus 3D.



The following parameters can be changed during runtime or in the given config file.

Provided Topics

Point Cloud, Images

The following topics are provided.

Relevant Coordinate Frames

The following coordinate frames are relevant for interpreting the data provided by the Nimbus 3D:

Installation and Launch

Detailed Information to install the driver can be found in the GitHub README.

Report a Bug

Use GitHub to report bugs or submit feature requests. [View active issues]

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