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Package Summary

The nj_escape_crossing package is a navigating jockey used to move a robot from away from a crossing


The nj_escape_crossing package implements a navigating jockey for the Large Maps Framework (LaMa) which role is to drive the robot away from the crossing center, where the robot is awaited to be when the jockey is started.

This jockey takes an edge descriptor (with associated exit angle descriptor) to know in which direction to go. The exit angle descriptor associated with edge n1-n2, from vertex n1 to vertex n2, indicates which at which angle the robot should orient itself to go to vertex n2 when starting at vertex n1. This jockey takes a crossing descriptor to know how far it should travel. But this distance can also be given as parameter. If the parameter is non-existent or its value is 0, the robot will travel a distance equal to the crossing radius. It supports the TRAVERSE action and is DONE when the distance is traveled. As for now, the jockey is pretty stupid and does not stop before the distance is traveled (it does not FAIL).

Implemented actions:


Interaction with the map (created by other jockeys)


message type

interface default name








Subscribed Topics

~<name>/odometry (nav_msgs/Odometry) ~<name>/direction (std_msgs/Float32)

Published Topics

~<name>/cmd_vel (geometry_msgs/Twist)


~<name>/kp_v (Float, default: 0.05) ~<name>/kp_w (Float, default: 0.2) ~<name>/min_linear_velocity (Float, default: 0.020) ~<name>/min_angular_velocity (Float, default: 0.1) ~<name>/escape_distance (Float, default: 0.0) ~<name>/crossing_interface_name (String, default: "crossing") ~<name>/exit_angle_interface_name (String, default: "exit_angle") ~<name>/exit_angle_topic_name (String, default: "exit_angle")

2020-02-15 12:56