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ogre/Reviews/2009-10-01 Doc Review


Thirdparty Doc Review

Reviewing thirdparty Packages follows a slightly different process to acknowledge the fact that we don't have control over the API of these Packages. We still Doc Review these Packages as there are some important things to check before we release a thirdparty Package with a Stack.

In general, the answers to these questions should be available in the manifest of the Package

  1. Is the version that we're using correct?
    • yes, documented in manifest
  2. Is it clear to an outside user which version we're using, and why?
    • yes, documented in manifest
  3. Is this package available from the OS package managers instead? There is a strong preference to using these instead of maintaining our own
    • new enough version not available
  4. Have all patches been submitted back? What version do you expect these patches to be included in?
    • all patches have been accepted.

Concerns / issues


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