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List of Know Issues with ROS OpenNI Project

>= libusb-1.0.8

This package needs the usb driver libusb-1.0.8 in order to compile succesfully. People using Ubuntu 9.10 will have to manually download this driver version, and install it, in order to build the Ni package succesfully. The driver can be downloaded from http://sourceforge.net/projects/libusb/. When you have extracted the tarball, the installation details are found in the INSTALL file.

[OpenNIDriver] Failed to create DepthGenerator: Internal buffer is too small! There are two issues that can lead to this:

a)incorrect /dev/bus/usb/002/* permissions - check that the devices have correct permission (run chmod a+rw)

sudo chmod a+rw /dev/bus/usb/* -R

b)incorrect install -- libraries and binaries not linked properly. Try:

  $ ldd `rospack find openni`/bin/*
  $ ldd `rospack find openni`/lib/*
  $ ldd `rospack find ps_engine`/bin/*
  $ ldd `rospack find ps_engine`/lib/*

And make sure that all libOpenNI/libDDK/libDeviceSensor* etc libraries are linked correctly.

creating depth generator failed. Reason: Failed to open the file!

This may be due to temporary files created by XnSensorServer persisting when they should not have. Look for suspicious files in /tmp, and in particular try:

sudo rm /tmp/XnCore.Mutex.XnSensorServerRunningMutex.key

When executing Sample-NiUserTracker it segfaults from xn::UserGenerator::Create():

We've been seeing segfaults in the sample. One cause seems to be if you block the IR project, which then shuts off on the Kinect. There appear may be other causes. The tools and libraries are more mature on Windows, and 64-bit Linux support was only recently added. I imagine things will stabilize quickly.

Kinect accuracy


2022-11-26 12:52