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p2os_driver provides a driver for robots using the Pioneer P2OS/ARCOS interface in the form of a ROS node.


p2os_driver contains p2os, the main node controlling the pioneer base.

Parameters used:

Subscribed topics:

  1. /cmd_vel (type: geometry_msgs/Twist)

  2. /gripper_control (type: p2os_driver/GripperState)

  3. /cmd_motor_state (type: p2os_driver/MotorState)

  4. /ptz_control (type: p2os_driver/PTZState)

Published topics:

  1. /sonar (type: p2os_driver/SonarArray)

  2. /pose (type: nav_msgs.Odometry)

  3. /gripper_state (type: p2os_driver/GripperState)

  4. /motor_state (type: p2os_driver/MotorState)

  5. /aio (type: p2os_driver/AIO)

  6. /ptz_state (type: p2os_driver/PTZState)

  7. /tf (tf/tfMessage)

  8. /battery_state (type: p2os_driver/BatteryState)

  9. /dio (type: p2os_driver/DIO)

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