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odor_search: particle_plume | pp_explorer | random_walk

Package Summary

Particle plume is a odor mapping algorithm based on the PCL allowing for a 3D representation of a chemical plume by means of a 3D point cloud.


Particle Plume is a 3D odor mapping algorithm. It intends to tackle the problems of plume intermittence, gas sensor noise and chemical data sharing between robots when applicable.

Particle Plume represents plumes as point clouds using PCL. A grid of visited cells us also generated, allowing to distinguish between visited locations with no odor present and locations which were not yet visited.



particle_plume_node is a 3D odor mapping algorithm.

Subscribed Topics

nose (lse_sensor_msgs/Nostril)

Published Topics

plume (sensor_msgs/PointCloud2) /visited_cells (nav_msgs/GridCells)


~global_frame_id (string, default: map) ~bubble_radius (double, default: 0.10) ~max_particles_per_bubble (int, default: 1000) ~particle_life_time (int, default: 0) ~publish_frequency (double, default: 2.0) ~cell_size (double, default: 0.05) ~sensor_model (string, default: Figaro 2620)


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