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Running patrolling_sim (indigo,jade+)

Description: This tutorial describes how to run the patrolling_sim package in Stage/ROS.

Keywords: stage, patrolling_sim, multi-robot patrol (MRP)

Tutorial Level: INTERMEDIATE

Compiling the Package

In the catkin workspace folder, run "catkin_make" to compile the package:

$ roscd; catkin_make

Start the MRP Experiment Launcher

Change your current directory to the patrolling_sim folder, and launch the following script:

$ roscd patrolling_sim; rosrun patrolling_sim start_experiment.py

Alternatively, you can simply do:

$ roscd patrolling_sim
$ ./start_experiment.py

Select the Simulation Parameters

Use the GUI to select the simulation parameters:


Press the "Start Experiment" button to run the simulation.

Running a Simulation

Several windows will pop up and the simulation will run according to the parameters previously defined. It will look something like this:



You can find the main results of the experiments in the "results" folder inside "patrolling_sim". The info file of an experiment contains a summary of the results of the experiments with the following values: Map ; N. robots ; Wait time ; Communication delay ; Algorithm ; Algorithm parameters ; Machine ; Date ; Time ; Real time ; Interferences ; Termination ; Idleness min ; avg ; stddev ; max.


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