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The pen_gripper is designed to work together with the portrait_robot stack and its packages. The easiest way to get access to the pen_grippers functionality is to install the portrait_robot stack if you haven't done it so far as shown here portrait_bot.



NOTE: There is no collision detection during the gripper movement. Please have an eye at the arms while they move.

If the pen_gripper got a request the following happens:

1. The arms are taken into a start position to the sides of the pr2 out of the narrow stereo's field of view. The head is lowered and the projector for the narrow stereo cameras is started.

2. While the projector is turned on the pr2 tries to find a pen on the surface. The robot generates a point cloud from the narrow stereo cameras. In that cloud it tries to find a surface and the highest point above the surface is supposed to be the head of the pen.

3. If no errors occured, the pr2 will try to grip the pen and take it into an end position at the right side of the robot.


You can use the pen_gripper with the complete portrait_robot stack as shown in the tutorial portrait_bot/Tutorials to let the pr2 draw a portrait or you can use it with an portrait_roboter_msgs/alubsc_node_instr message

start the service node and the ee_cart_imped controller

roslaunch pen_gripper pen_gripper.launch

send a service call (with abort = 0 and an empty list) to let the pr2 grip a pen

rosservice call /alubsc/node_instr/pen_gripper "0" "[]"

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