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The pr2-photoshoot package contains a set of tools to capture the pose of the robot and repeat that pose later.

Capturing a Pose

To capture a pose, run rosrun pr2_pose capture.py [filename], where [filename] is the name of the file you want to save the current pose to.

Repeating a Pose

To repeat a pose that was captured earlier, run rosrun pr2_pose pose.py [filename], where [filename] is the name of the file with the pose you want to repeat.

Interpolating Between Two Poses

The interpolation tool is designed to produce a number of poses between a start and end frame, suitable for stop-motion capture.

To interpolate between two poses, run rosrun pr2_pose pose.py <start> <end> <steps>, where <start> is the initial pose, <end> is the final pose, and <steps> is the number of steps to take between poses. The interpolation will stop and wait for the user to press enter after each step.


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