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detect_wall_norm action is a node that provides an action interface for determining the wall normal near a given point in space.

The action turns on the textured light projector, then uses the pr2_head_action to point the head at the wall, calls the stereo wall detector to determine the wall normal, and finally turns off the texture projector when succeeded.

Action Goal

detect_wall_norm/goal (pr2_plugs_msgs/DetectWallNormGoal)

Action Result

detect_wall_norm/result (pr2_plugs_msgs/DetectWallNormResult)

Actions Called

head_traj_controller/point_head_action (pr2_head_action)

Subscribed Topics

projector_controller/rising_edge_timestamps (roslib/Header)

Services Called

stereo_wall_detection/detect_wall (stereo_wall_detection/DetectWall)

2020-01-18 13:00