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The velocity priority tool creates an action that moves the gripper to a series of points. Unique to this tool is the ability to send commands to both arms at once. To use this tool, select the desired frame then iteratively pose either of the robot's arms, click Current Pose, then click the red add button until there are enough points in the trajectory.

Unlike the Joint Sequence tool, this motion only records the position of the gripper but the recorded motion can be more flexible. For example, if the recorded motion's frame is a frame defined by a person's face, the motions produced by this tool can be retargeted to the face every time it moves while the joint sequence tool's motions will be fixed to its original recorded trajectory.

Also, unlike the Position Priority tool, this tool will allow movements in sequence to an arbitrary number of points but will send points according to a stringent time schedule abandoning points that it cannot reach due to obstructions. This property makes the tool much more suited to usage for tasks that involve manipulation while being in contact such as opening cabinets or drawers.


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