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Only released in EOL distros:  

What does re_vision do?

The re_vision package contains the ObjectDetector node, that allows to recognize known objects in images. The data returned are the 3D pose of the object and the location in the image of some pixels that belong to the object.

There is also an ObjectDetectorDummy node that allows to recognize a predefined local object in the gazebo simulator.


$ rosrun re_vision ObjectDetector [options] [camera_info:=/your/camera_info]
$ rosrun re_vision ObjectDetectorDummy [options] [camera_info:=/your/camera_info]
$ roslaunch re_vision gazebo.launch

The first line runs the ObjectDetector node, which must be notified the object models to load via topic. The ObjectDetectorDummy behaves the same as the former, but it also loads a predefined model, available for the gazebo simulator (name "cabinet1"). The easiest way to run ObjectDetectorDummy is with the gazebo.launch file, because you do not have to take care of the location of the predefined model. Both nodes need that parameters of the camera that provides the images. These are obtained from the /camera_info topic (see below). You may want to remap this topic in the gazebo.launch file or in the command line.



ROS Topics

Subscribed Topics

/camera_info (sensor_msgs/CameraInfo) /re_vslam/new_model (std_msgs/String)

Published Topics

/re_vision/detector_visualization (sensor_msgs/Image)

ROS Services


/re_vision/search_for (re_vision/SearchFor)

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