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Errors when using package

RobotIQ hand errors

RobotIQ hand won't move

Solution: Use runtime monitor to view diagnostics for robotIQ hand. Most error can be cleared by running resetting motors. Motors can be reset with dashboard or through command line:

pr2_etherCAT (realtime_loop) errors

Fatal : Cannot goto state 4

Example: pr2_etherCAT prints the following message then exits:

Solution: Problems is caused by running old release of RIQ hand driver. Old release does not properly enable ECat Events needed by device.

  1. Get newer release of RIQ Hand >= 0.1.2 .

  2. Power cycle hand, before running hand again

Error: plugin does not exist for product code: 11

Example: pr2_etherCAT gives the message:

Solution: pr2_etherCAT uses EtherCAT device product ID (11 for RIQ hand) to find plugin for device. In this case plugin can't be found. Make sure riq_hand_ethercat_hardware is on ROS_PACKAGE_PATH.

You should see something like:

Also make sure plugin is found:

You should see at least:

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