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Using package of roch_base

Description: How to use package of roch_base in Roch

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

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  1. Roch_node
  2. Demos

This tutorial assumes that you have a Roch and under these tutorials will run on Roch, also roch, roch_simulator and roch_robot you have installed.


In roch_base package has a most important node named roch_node, which used by minimal.launch in roch_bringup for communication with MCU for send or receive command.

And in this package, we provide a launch file for testing communication using following command:

  roslaunch roch_base base.launch

If every thing normal, you can get output message in terminal: [twist_marker_server] Initialized.


In this package, we also offer some demos for testing simple command alone, such as testing imu data, checking encoder data, know platform information, get rangefinder and also what's speed of Roch now.

Test demo

For how to use executable file test_encoder, we can follow under steps:


   rosrun roch_base test_encoder

   roslaunch roch_teleop keyboard_teleop.launch

And now you can get output message like this:

  encoder[0].distance.x:** ,encoder[1].distance.x:** .

For another four demos you can follow above steps for testing whether Roch running fine or not.

2019-10-12 13:01