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Note: This tutorial assumes that you have completed the ROS Tutorials. The code for this stack is available in the roch_robot..
(!) Please ask about problems and questions regarding this tutorial on answers.ros.org. Don't forget to include in your question the link to this page, the versions of your OS & ROS, and also add appropriate tags.

Using package of roch_sensorpc

Description: Using package of roch_sensorpc

Keywords: PointCloud

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

Before we begin our tutorial of roch_sensorpc package, we assume you had finished Point Cloud Tutorials, which we used for in this package. And also package with roch_sensorpc is available can be modified.


Usually roch_sensorpc used in roch_navigation with roch_safety_controller, and same as roch_safety_controller, roch_sensorpc also can run alone for a demo.

Steps for roch_sensorpc demo is same as roch_safety_controller.

  roslaunch roch_bringup minimal.launch

  roslaunch roch_sensorpc standalone.launch

  rostopic echo /mobile_base/sensors/sensor_pointcloud

And We you nearly with Roch or blocking sensors in front of Roch, you will see topic has publish one data.

Topics & Parameters

For roch_sensorpc launch file, you can checkout there has some topics, and parameters.


There has two topics we need.


There has four parameters we need.

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