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Sharing Resources


Letting a resource be shared among services. This does complicate things, but there are a few compelling use cases for it.

Camera Streams

An embedded camera device (or camera in a network) represented in the same way as a robot to the concert. Each resource would be capable of running one of a library of apps. The default would be a basic image stream, others may render some processing on the embedded device side which provide modified output. This camera's image or video stream doesn't have to be locked down to a single consumer (consumer = concert service).


You might have a software application on the lan which does face identification. This could potentially be a resource, but you don't want to lock this to a particular concert service. It might be a basic request/response service (like web services) but running on the lan and you want to share it to all concert services. Prime example. Access to a mongodb with a ros api wrapping it's access.

Current Resolution

* Workaround these problems in the rapps themselves for now. Start looking at a proper shared solution in the future.

Discussion Thread

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