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  1. Installation

    Installing the rocon_multimaster environment.

Rocon Utilities

  1. Rocon Launch

    Script for launching multiple ros systems on one pc, very useful for debugging the concerts.

  2. Subscriber Proxy

    A useful way to use a subscriber and it's callback in a similar way to service callbacks with empty requests.

Hub Tutorials

  1. Launching a Hub

    Launching a rocon hub and debugging it via command line redis tools.

  2. Writing a Hub Client

    Using the hub client api to conveniently connect/use a rocon hub.

Gateway Tutorials - Getting Started

  1. Launching a Gateway Hub

    Launching and connecting to a Gateway Hub

  2. Command Line Tools

    Convenient tools for gateway interaction from the command line.

  3. Gateway Graph

    Visually monitoring a gateway network

Gateway Tutorials - Development

  1. Flipping

    Introduction to flipping connections across gateways.

  2. Advertising & Pulling

    Introduction to pulling from an advertised interface on a remote gateway.

  3. Writing Gateway Launchers

    Tips on writing launchers that incorporate a gateway into your ros master.

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