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Package Summary

Rover Robotics: ROS package for connecting to SwiftNav Piksi


This package requires SwiftNav's libsbp python library. Install before installing this package.

Option 1 (Recommended) Install binaries via aptitude package manager

sudo apt install ros-kinetic-rr-swiftnav-piksi

Option 2 Install source from github (only use if you want to make custom changes to the source code)

cd ~/catkin_ws/src/
git clone https://github.com/RoverRobotics/rr_swiftnav_piksi.git
cd ~/catkin_ws/
source devel/setup.bash



The swiftnav_piksi_tcp_node provides a ROS driver for SwiftNav Piksi's that are connected via ethernet cable. This node will calculate the heading of a robot when moving. In order to get the orientation correct well travelling in reverse, the cmd_vel/managed topic from the rr_control_input_manager node is needed.

Subscribed Topics

/swift_nav/enable_comms (std_msgs/Bool) /cmd_vel/managed (geometry_msgs/TwistStamped)

Published Topics

/swift_gps/llh/position (sensor_msgs/NavSatFix) /swift_gps/llh/fix_mode (std_msgs/Int32) /swift_gps/llh/n_sats (std_msgs/Int32) /swift_gps/baseline/ecef/position (nav_msgs/Odometry) /swift_gps/imu/raw (sensor_msgs/Imu)


~piksi_ip_address (string, default: ~piksi_port (string, default: '55555') ~base_station_ip_address (string, default: ~piksi_port (string, default: '55555') ~computer_ip_address (string, default:


Example using rosrun

rosrun rr_swiftnav_piksi swiftnav_piksi_tcp.py

2020-02-22 13:13