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Only released in EOL distros:  

rtai_integration: rtai_ros_bridge | rtai_wrapper

Package Summary

This package provides ROS wrapper functions for RTAI specific commands and adds the RTAI libraries and headers to th ROS build syste.


This stack provides wrappers for RTAI functions and integrates the RTAI libraries and header files to the build environment of ROS.

Required Software

For the proper function of the nodes in this package one needs to install RTAI by use of the RealTime suite.

It is also possible to install RTAI in any other way, but in this case the install director must be /usr/realtime and it is recommended to install QRtaiLab and write a script '/etc/init.d/rtailab' that provides the commands 'start' and 'stop' to load and unload all needed RTAI kernel modules.



Running this script will start QRtaiLab. QRtaiLab is used to interface with RTAI tasks that have been generated using Matlab/Simulink/RTW or Scilab/Scicos.


This script unloads all RTAI kernel modules and loads them again. One needs to install RTAI via the realtime suite and the sudo password to call this script.


There is also a library for easier interfacing with RTAI mailboxes. For available functions see the header files in the include directory.

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