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The segbot_description package contains all the robot and component descriptions. This includes descriptions for:

  1. Sensors (hokuyo, kinect etc)
  2. Sensor Mounts
  3. Segway RMP 50 mobile base
  4. BWI Segbot Chassis

Since the BWI Segbot robot has configurable sensor types and locations, this package also includes all the top level configuration files that might be in use by the BWI project at this time.

For every robot configuration provided in the package, suitable URDF code for Gazebo is provided:

  1. Full Gazebo Model (gazebo/full_collision.gazebo.xacro) - including this xacro file provides relatively accurate collision entries for each link. This is similar to how collisions are typically setup in ROS.

  2. Simple Collision Model (gazebo/simple_collision.gazebo.xacro) - including this xacro file provides null collision models to each joint except for base_link. base_link has a collision of a cylinder roughly the size of the robot. This model does not allow a conventional differential driver controller in Gazebo, but is much faster computationally and better for multi-robot experiments. See segbot_gazebo_plugins on how this robot is controlled.

The layout of the package is as follows:

  • gazebo - Gazebo specific URDF descriptions. These are only read by the ROS wrapper for Gazebo

  • meshes - Contains meshes for the Hokuyo URG 04LX and the Segway RMP 50\

    • The Segway RMP 50 mesh is based on the original mesh be user Jose Prado on Trimble 3D Warehouse. Link to original model.

  • robots - Contains all various robot configurations. This folder contains all the top level URDF (Xacro) files that are processed outside this package.

  • scripts - Contains a wrapper around xacro that produces the simple collision model instead of the full collision model. This is done as xacro itself does not accept parameters (see this answers.ros thread)

  • test - Contains a simple script to visualize individual sensor mounts or the sensor configuration on the robot. Mostly used to test that the designs are correct before being used externally.

  • urdf - The main component of this package. Contains all the main URDF resources.

    • urdf/components - Chassis Components

    • urdf/sensors - Individual sensors. These have been replicated from pr2_description because of small incompatibilities

    • urdf/mounts - Our hand designed sensor mounts.

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