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Supported Hardware

This controller will only work with the Crust Crawler Smart Arm with Dual Gripper Claw.
AX-12 Smart Arm
AX-18 Smart Arm
AX-12/AX-18 Dual Gripper.

This controller also requires a USB2Dynamixel adapter and a power supply. We recommend the SMPS2Dynamixel adapter with the Bioloid Kit power supply.
CM-5 Power Supply



The smart_arm.yaml configuration file contains all the parameters needed by dynamixel_controllers package's controller_manager node. The launch files provided will place the yaml file on the param server and load a smart_arm_controller by sending a list of joint controllers to the controller_spawner script. The smart_arm will run in the controller_manager node and you can specify angle positions for each joint on the smart arm. Depending on the value in the update_rate parameter, the smart_arm node will publish each joint's current state as well. Each controller type from the yaml file will create Publisher/Subscriber topics with the controller name (see dynamixel_controllers package documentation for description of available parameters).

Subscribed Topics

shoulder_pan_controller/command (std_msgs/Float64) shoulder_pitch_controller/command (std_msgs/Float64) elbow_flex_controller/command (std_msgs/Float64) wrist_roll_controller/command (std_msgs/Float64) right_finger_controller/command (std_msgs/Float64) left_finger_controller/command (std_msgs/Float64) motor_states (dynamixel_msgs/MotorStateList)

Published Topics

shoulder_pan_controller/state (dynamixel_msgs/JointState) shoulder_pitch_controller/state (dynamixel_msgs/JointState) elbow_flex_controller/state (dynamixel_msgs/JointState) wrist_roll_controller/state (dynamixel_msgs/JointState) right_finger_controller/state (dynamixel_msgs/JointState) left_finger_controller/state (dynamixel_msgs/JointState)

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