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Note: This tutorial assumes that you have completed the previous tutorials: Running the get milk script.
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Detailed Explanation

Description: This tutorial gives you detailed explanation about the SRS tutorials.

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

If you have Care-O-bot related questions or discover Care-O-bot specific problems please contact us via the Care-O-bot mailinglist.


The roscore should be started in a separate terminal so that, when terminating a single ROS terminal-process, you will not also terminate all the other processes that are currently running.


The get_milk.launch file launches all necessary nodes, parameters and executable files. In this case that should be (click on the links for additional information):

roslaunch cob_bringup sim.launch

roslaunch cob_2dnav 2dnav.launch

milk box

This launch file spawns a milk box on the kitchen shelf inside the ipa-kitchen world. Remember that, before spawning the milk box, you need to launch the get_milk.launch file. A reason why this launch file is run separately from the get_milk.launch file is, that when you want to respawn the milk box to its initial position you don't have to restart all the other processes. By executing

roslaunch cob_gazebo_worlds milk_box.launch

the position of the milk box is reset.


rviz is a 3D visualization environment for robots using ROS. In other words, it is a visualized environment which is created from sensor inputs that are gathered by the robot in real-life or simulation. In this tutorial we use rviz to localize the Care-O-bot but we can also use it to extract useful data and to get a good understanding of the robot's functionalities.


With the cob_command_gui you can give pre-set orders for moving the robot around. You could try grasping the milk box without using the get_milk script.


The script_viewer (part of cob_script_server) is used for showing all the steps the robot will take according to the script. This is useful for debugging and to see what steps went wrong or right. Green means successful and red means unsuccessful.

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