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  1. Introduction to Stage Controllers

    Stage (ver 3.0.0 and above) is equipped to work as standalone, wherein controllers integrated into stage enables motion, behaviour and processes for the robot(s). This tutorial discusses two such stage controllers.

  2. TurtleBot in Stage Simulator

    How to start turtlebot stage simulation

  3. Customizing the Stage Simulator

    Explains how to use your own map with the stage simulator for turtlebot and adjust configurations for your needs

  4. Making Maps Using Stage's Wander Controller

    This tutorial assumes that you have mastered stage simulations and you are well acquainted with the wander controller.This tutorial uses stage's wander controller to obtain a map of the robot's environment in an incremental manner.

  5. Simulating One Robot in Stage

    This tutorial shows you how to use the Stage simulator to simulate a single, Erratic-like robot, roaming an environment that looks a lot like the Willow Garage building.

  6. Creating Custom World in Stage

    In this tutorial a whole custom simulation will be created, including the .world file, custom objects and a simple custom robot model.

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