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Package Summary

ROS release of swiftnav library

  • Maintainer: Mike Purvis <mpurvis AT clearpathrobotics DOT com>
  • Author:
  • License: GPL3

Package Summary

ROS release of swiftnav library


This package is a ROS release of Swift Navigation's libswiftnav. It offers a variety of functionality related to linear algebra and spacial processing.

Official Documentation


Upstream Source


The versions released to ROS are:

ROS Hydro


ROS Indigo


All libswiftnav releases are here: https://github.com/swift-nav/libswiftnav/releases

Building From Source

Note that because libswiftnav is a plain CMake project and not a catkin one, you can't use it in a regular catkin workspace— you must build and install using catkin_make_isolated, and then overlay the resulting workspace with a regular catkin one.

2020-01-18 13:14