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Package Summary

Synchronises parameters across multiple masters.


sync_params provides a means to synchronize parameter servers between multiple ROS masters. The parameter server is polled, and new parameters are published as a topic. The topic is then synchronized across masters using multimaster_fkie. The topic is received and written to the parameter server on the other ROS master.

By default, all parameters will be synchronized. The blacklist excludes parameters based on their name. The whitelist parameters are exempt from the blacklist. These can both be regular expressions. For example:

blacklist = ["/*"]
whitelist = [/my_parameter]

Would only synchronize my_parameter.

The parameter use_wall_time is designed for spawning robots in Gazebo. Gazebo pauses the ROS clock when loading a robot, and waits for the robot_description parameter. But that parameter might not get synchronized if sync_params uses the ROS clock.


Examples can be found in the launch folder.



Synchronise parameter servers across multiple ROS masters.

Subscribed Topics

/params (sync_params/ParameterMsg)

Published Topics

/params (sync_params/ParameterMsg)


~debug (boolean, default: false) ~rate (double, default: 1.0) ~death_timer (double, default: -1.0) ~use_wall_time (boolean, default: false) ~blacklist (array, default: []) ~whitelist (array, default: [])

2020-01-18 13:14