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Trifo Ironsides

The Trifo Ironsides (Visual Inertial Computing Module) has two global shutter image sensors with fixed-focal fisheye lenses (133 degree horizontal field-of-view) capturing 640x480 resolution color images at 60 fps, and an InvenSense IMU reporting inertial measurements at 200 fps. The Trifo Ironsides comes with the PerceptIn Robotics Vision System (PIRVS) SDK providing the proprietary algorithm of odometry and mapping for various robotics and vision applications.

Getting started

Get the PIRVS SDK and ROS package

PIRVS ROS package supports Ubuntu 16.04 x64 running ROS Kinetic.

Published topics




Run the package

Before runing the PIRVS ROS package, make sure the Ironsides is connected to your computer though USB3.0 port and is set to the desired mode.


The ROS launch files can be found in "/pirvs_ros/launch"

Run Nodes

You can use the following command to run each node. It will only publish topics without display.

Report an issue

GitHub Issue

2023-10-28 13:08