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Note: This tutorial assumes that you have completed the previous tutorials: Turtle Concert.
(!) Please ask about problems and questions regarding this tutorial on answers.ros.org. Don't forget to include in your question the link to this page, the versions of your OS & ROS, and also add appropriate tags.

Turtle Teleop Concert

Description: The concert teleop service with simulated turtles.

Keywords: concert

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER


This tutorial introduces the concert teleop service running with ros' turtlesim spawned turtles as teleopable robots.

Turtle Teleop Concert


Follow the rocon installation instructions.


Source your setup.bash and rocon_launch the chatter concert, e.g. for a source install:

> source ~/rocon/devel/setup.bash
> rocon_launch turtle_concert teleop.concert --screen

This launches the concert solution, robot apps and immediately links everything once all the components are discovered.


You're a human! Interact with it...

> source ~/rocon/devel/setup.bash
> rocon_remocon



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