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Note: This tutorial assumes that you have completed the previous tutorials: TurtleBot Bringup, network configuration, Download Turtlebot Android Apps from Play Store.
(!) Please ask about problems and questions regarding this tutorial on answers.ros.org. Don't forget to include in your question the link to this page, the versions of your OS & ROS, and also add appropriate tags.

How to Run Turtlebot Andorid Application

Description: Instructions how to run turtlebot android application

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

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Launching process of turtlebot android app

Add Turtlebot in Android Rocon Remocon

  1. Configure network connection of android device
    • Android device and turtlebot should be in the same network like PC network setting. Refer to network configuration.

  2. Add connection information of turtlebot
    • Turtlebot is registered in android rocon remocon with "Add a Master". There are four ways.
      • 2-1. Manual
        • add master

        2-2. Zeroconf
        • add master zeroconf

        2-3. QR code
        • TODO

        2-4. NFC Tag
        • TODO

Run Android Application

Trouble shooting

Disconnection with turtlebot

Launching Not Installed App

Can not see turtlebot default roles

Failure of Launching Turtlebot rapp

What Next?

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